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September Meetup: 10.09.2013

posted 7 Sept 2013, 12:00 by Ed Lambda
Speaker: Chris Brown
Title: Putting the Skeletons back in the Closet: Effective Parallel Programming in Erlang

Multicore architectures are here today, offering major advantages in terms of performance and low energy use. New chips like Intel's 60-core Xeon Phi co-processor point the way towards dramatically increased performance.

Do you need to take advantage of the ever-increasing number of cores in modern processors? Are you unsure how to tackle the exciting programming challenges that parallel computing introduces? This tutorial introduces new pattern-based techniques and tools for Erlang that allow the programmer to quickly and easily write effective parallel code. The tutorial introduces the free Erlang parallel programming library, Skel*, shows how to quickly and automatically introduce parallelism using dedicated refactorings in a standard text editor, and gives hands-on experience with a large multicore machine, leading the programmer step-by-step through the process of writing effective parallel code.

The tutorial is given by Chris Brown, a pioneer in the use of refactoring technology for parallel programming. Chris Brown is a world leader in refactoring tools for functional languages.