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September meetup - 11.09.2012

posted 26 Sept 2012, 08:29 by Ed Lambda   [ updated 29 Sept 2012, 10:53 ]
When: 11th September, 7pm @ The Outhouse pub
Title: Riak, What's all the fuss about?
Who: Sam Elliot

* Update: Here are the slides presented at EdLambda: *

In this talk, I hope to give an introduction to Riak, a Highly-Available Distributed Key-Value Store written in Erlang and based on Amazon's Dynamo Paper. I'll show the original Dynamo concepts, how they have been applied to Riak, and some of the extra features that have been added to make Riak more useful to real-world situations. Finally, I'll say something about why Erlang was the right language to developer Riak in (as opposed to a higher-level functional language or an imperative language).