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May meetup - 08/05/2012

posted 26 Sept 2012, 08:28 by Ed Lambda   [ updated 29 Sept 2012, 10:51 ]
Speakers: Prabhat Totoo, Pantazis Deligiannis & Hans-Wolfgang Loidl
TitleHaskell vs. F# vs. Scala: High-level Language Features and Parallelism Support

* Update: here are the slides from the talk: *

We will outline a recent study that provides a performance and programmability comparison of parallel programming support in Haskell, F# and Scala. Emphasis is given on advanced language features such as purity, evaluation order, and integration of functional aspects into imperative and object-oriented languages. The expressive power of each language is analysed, especially regarding their support for parallelism. We quantify parallel performance and assess succinctness and modularity of the code.

This meetup:
Date: 8th May
Time: 7pm
Location: Outhouse Pub, upstairs