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March meetup - 11.03.2014

posted 1 Mar 2014, 03:09 by Ed Lambda
Who: Roly Perera
When: 11th March at 7pm, Outhouse pub

Title: A Clojure DSL for live music programming
Overtone is a music programming & synthesis system based on Clojure, a
modern dialect of Lisp. I'll show how you can use it to create a very
simple DSL for live-coding drum loops. I know little about Clojure or
making music, so I apologise in advance for what you will hear.

David Barbour defined an "insane language" to be one where you can ask the
same question over and over again and get a different answer each time.
Overtone and many other live-coding environments for music rely on the fact
that the Lisp family of languages is utterly mad.