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February Meetup - 12.02.2013

posted 6 Feb 2013, 18:14 by Ed Lambda
;; First talk 

Speaker: Szymon Jachim 
Title: BAYSICK - an embedded Insane-specific Language for Scala 
implementing a subset of BASIC 
Scala is considered as one of the candidates for the Next Big 
Language, while BASIC was the First Programming Language for many of 
us. This short talk will show you the implementation of BASIC as an 
internal DSL in Scala. While commercial usefulness of it is dubious, 
Baysick is a neat example of some of the interesting features of Scala 
and brings back childhood (8-bit) memories like madeleine cake in 
Proust's novel. 

;; Second talk 

Speaker: Paul Richards 
Title: Functions all the way down - An introductory frolic with Church