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April Meetup - 18/04/2012

posted 10 Apr 2012, 06:16 by Ed Lambda   [ updated 29 Sept 2012, 10:52 ]
This months meetup is to coincide with the Robin Milner Symposium, taking place 16th-18th April.

Speaker: Rob Stewart
Title: Poking the Semantic Web

* Update: Here are the slides presented at EdLambda: *

The semantic web (coined as "Web 3.0"), is not the future - it is the now. Semantic Web principles are used in a global project called "Linked Open Data", to publish semantic data about Things in the world. Linked Open Data is really, really cool. To build insightful and engaging applications, developers need the necessary tools to poke at, and interact with, semantic web data.

In the talk I shall illustrate some useful examples of how one might usefully consume RDF (a semantic data format), and will outline a W3C query language - SPARQL. Furthermore, I will present a popular existing semantic web toolkit, and will set in motion a call-to-arms proposal for a unified semantic web toolkit for Haskell programmers.

This meetup:
Date: 18th April
Time: 7pm
Location: Outhouse Pub, upstairs