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30.10.2014: Jeremy Singer "Optimizing non-Java JVM languages"

posted 3 Oct 2014, 09:25 by Ed Lambda
When: 30th October, 7pm @ The Outhouse pub
Title: Thinking outside the box: Optimizing non-Java JVM languages

Many languages target the Java virtual machine, from Ada to Xtend [1].
In this presentation, I will focus on functional languages like Scala
and Clojure. I am particularly concerned with the use of boxed value
types, which seems more prevalent on non-Java JVM languages. Custom
micro-benchmarks exhibit significant inefficiencies due to heavy use
of boxed integer types. I will describe the implementation of tagged
pointer optimisations in the OpenJDK interpreter [3] and demonstrate
how this improves performance for boxed integer allocation and method
invocation. However, with the exception of the Programming Language
Shootout benchmarks [4] I show there are currently few open source
Scala and Clojure applications that use boxed integers extensively.
This may change in future (discuss!)

[1]  ** market
opening - port a programming language beginning with 'Z' to the JVM,
see [2]