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26.11.2014 - Scalable Erlang and Functional Java 8

posted 16 Nov 2014, 14:13 by Ed Lambda   [ updated 18 Nov 2014, 02:19 ]
Two talks:

1. Kenneth MacKenzie.
Title: RELEASE: scaling to Erlang to 10,000 cores and beyond.

Erlang is a well-known concurrency-oriented functional programming
language which has been used to build large and highly-reliable
distributed software systems. However, some difficulties arise on
very large platforms; the RELEASE project aims to overcome these and
enable Erlang to scale smoothly to systems involving many thousands of
cores. I'll give an introduction to the basics of Erlang and then describe
some of the scalability challenges that arise on large hardware
systems, and how we're attempting to tackle them. No prior knowledge
of Erlang will be assumed!

2. Mike Borozdin
Title: Functional features in Java 8

Java 8 has many interesting new features. Undoubtedly, the most exciting one out of them is functional programming. In this talk, we will see practical examples of how functional programming features in Java 8 enable you to write code in a more concise and declarative manner. We will also cover the new functionality that makes it possible – Stream API, lambda expressions, default methods, and so on.