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13.05.2014: two short talks on Rust and session typed RTSs

posted 11 May 2014, 15:48 by Ed Lambda
Talk 1: An experience report with Rust
Speaker: Bob Atkey
Rust is a new language being developed by Mozilla, intended for
low-level systems programming, and has an interesting
linear/region-based type system for managing stack and heap allocated
memory without using a garbage collector, and for safe shared-memory
concurrency. I will give a short talk on Rust, based on my experience
of one whole afternoon of writing one program in it (plus whatever I
manage to do before the next EdLambda).

Talk 2: Scaling Runtime Systems with Session Types?
Speaker: Rob Stewart
"Programs + communication = systems" (Simon Gay, Glasgow Uni). Simon
and others advocate session types as a verification tool to ensure
that planned communication between programs is safe, perhaps to ensure
that a protocol is obeyed. Verification, OK. But what else? What about
performance? For example, can session types inform distributed runtime
systems to help minimise communication costs and hence maximise
scalability? I will give a very simple, under-researched and almost
certainly broken idea of what this might look like.